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and Humanities in London : Reviews (London)

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Summer 2018 Participant
life changing, amazing, a must do program.


KIMBERLY DAVISON, Summer 2018 Participant
Going on a study abroad at the University of Utah was one of the best decisions I have ever made! EVERYONE should try to go on a study abroad during their time at the U. It is 100% worth it.


RENE GILFILLAN, Summer 2018 Participant
Tim and Jane and Richard are the best guides you could ask for to get to know London. They know everything of all logistics transportation and show tickets-wise, a ton of history and art history, and of course have plenty of great insights and guidance in classes. The trip would not be as amazing as it is without them. Saw some of the best theater of my life for extremely affordable prices! The housing is incredible and I would never be able to afford staying in Kensington (literally across the street from Kensington Gardens) on my own outside of the program/FIE. The people on the trip were all awesome and truly made for such an inclusive and fun environment. Best learning abroad experience I have had! If you like theater at all, I would definitely recommend this trip!


FIONA Jean HANNAN, Summer 2018 Participant
This program is exceptionally valuable for the cost -- but the life changing experience is truly priceless. Our residence was right across the street from Hyde Park, which literally made waking up each morning seem like a fairytale. If you allow yourself to be fully immersed in the culture of England, it's impossible not to make new friends and leave with loads of compelling stories to last a lifetime. Perhaps the only downside to the program was the cost of living in London; that is the price you pay for 6 weeks living such a posh lifestyle! (Worth every penny!) I felt many of the happiest and most fulfilling emotions during my time abroad. I have grown so much as an individual. I cannot emphasize enough how much this trip enriched my life. The course content was highly engaging, the performances we saw were THE most captivating productions I've ever seen, but most notably, the imprint London left on my personage is intensely profound. The advertisement of the theatrical and educational experience you receive abroad is true... but there is no way to express the long term effects this program can have on your life unless you experience it yourself!


Summer 2019 Participant
If you are thinking about doing this program, do it! It is truly life changing and you will learn and see so much!


Summer 2019 Participant
This experience in London is utterly wonderful. It is a great program for all majors; myself being in chemical engineering, I found it left me more enlightened and well-rounded. It fed my deep-rooted curiosity for all things related to history, geography, art, and humanities. I would recommend it to anyone from the bottom of my heart. Nothing has felt more liberating and educational than this trip to London.


Summer 2019 Participant
N/A Only thing I would change was to put screens on the windows of the dorm.


ADRIENNE KRUEGER, Summer 2019 Participant
It feels cheesy to say but this program really did change my life. London is such an amazing city and there is a truly endless amount of things to do, places to visit, and food to eat. This program allows you to experience all of that while still learning so much and earning six credit hours! Your flat is in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city, literally across the street from Hyde Park. You get to see some of the best theatrical productions in the world all included in the program cost! You go to class twice a week, but I genuinely looked forward to going to class and hearing what everyone had to say about the most recent performance we attended. It really is the opportunity of a life time and I can't recommend it enough!


SARV RAAFATI, Summer 2019 Participant
This has to be one of the best study abroads offered through the university. The professors you travel with are some of the most welcoming and warm people to have with you. They have such a rich knowledge of the city that they will gladly give you suggestions. On top of this, they are fascinated to hear and learn about all the places you discover yourself. The classes are engaging and entertaining, the workload given is carefully planned as they understand that homework shouldn't be stopping you from exploring the city. The housing resides in one of the best points in the city, sitting across the road from Kensington Gardens, allowing you an area to go out and just read to get the homework done while still experiencing it all. There is no air conditioning in the house but it's easy to get by with opening a few windows. Overall this trip is a much do, its a carefully crafted experience with so much thought put in. This is one of the best ways I feel to experience the city and your summer studies.


Summer 2019 Participant
This Learning Abroad Program (Theatre, Humanities, and Fine Arts in London) is completely, without a single doubt, worth it!!


Summer 2019 Participant
Fantastic, simply fantastic!


SHELICE WARR, Summer 2019 Participant
An absolutely phenomenal program. I have not only grown as a person, but also as an actor because of the experiences I had in England. I always felt incredibly safe and taken of. There is always something to do or something to see! I wish I could go every year! You definitely get your money's worth.