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France : Reviews (Grenoble)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by University of Utah
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DIANA CASTRO, Summer 2018 Participant
Overall, this program is a great way to start your immersion experience in the French language. You gain so much knowledge from culture, diversity to being able to have a full on conversation with someone native in that country. I would definitely do it again.!


AVERY DRUYON, Summer 2018 Participant
This program is absolutely amazing!! I had an incredible, welcoming host family and my classes taught me more than I had ever learned in high school and a year of college French. The city is the perfect size to have enough to do, but not feel overwhelmed. I loved my time in Grenoble so much and I would recommend this to any student that is wanting to improve their French and get a taste of life in France! The price is really affordable as well, considering that it includes housing, meals, and 8 credits worth of classes.


Summer 2018 Participant
Educational while simultaneously being THE MOST FUN!


AUBRIE AAGARD, Summer 2019 Participant
It's really amazing how much of the language you can learn when you do an immersive experience like this. I got so close with my host mom, and through her I met some very cool French people that I'm still in touch with! Grenoble is beautiful, the mountains surrounding it have so many lakes and hikes, and from there we were only a couple hours from Switzerland and Germany!


JULIANNE LIU, Summer 2019 Participant
Grenoble truly is like the Salt Lake of France as it's a sizable, but not overwhelming city surrounded by beautiful mountains and recreational activities. In addition to the activities in the urban center (especially if you like museums!), definitely take advantage of the transisère and flixbus to visit nearby areas. You have plenty of opportunities to completely immerse yourself in the language and culture and improve your French proficiency, from attending your classes and living with your host family to interacting with locals in every other setting. Make the most of your experience by challenging yourself to try new things and speaking French as much as you can! Also, before you go, do some research on the cool region you'll be staying in to learn about their history. Bon courage !


Summer 2019 Participant
I think I would have gotten more out of this if I had stayed in dorms with students from around the world instead of a host family.