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*Wilderness Medicine in the Alps : Reviews (Chamonix)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by University of Utah
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MARISA MERCIER, Summer 2018 Participant
BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! If you love the outdoors, adventure, and culture.. If you want to learn how to take care of yourself, your friends, and strangers in the backcountry.. If you want top tier education from world class doctors and instructors, THIS IS FOR YOU!! I would 110% take again.


Summer 2018 Participant
This was an absolutely phenomenal experience. It was humbling, enlightening and rewarding beyond words.


MATHEW RUST, Summer 2018 Participant
this was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Though it can be slightly pricey for some I feel it was well worth it and the instructors were amazing and the knowledge and skills you learn can be used practically in everyday life especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities


AMBER WOLFF, Summer 2018 Participant
This program was amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in going into the medical field and anyone who loves to hike! This course was such a great experience-- I learned a lot about wilderness medicine, how to work as a team, how to communicate effectively as a team, and how to be a better hiker overall. The professors are amazing! They are great at connecting with the students as well as instructing.


Summer 2019 Participant
Overall an amazing experience. I was happy with all the amazing things and sites we were able to see while in the Alps. I think that some of the organization at times was a little on the rough side but I do understand that we were a very large group compared to past years. I was sad that we were unable to do one or two of the expected hikes on the syllabus because of ill planning.


Summer 2019 Participant
It was quite fun and I experienced a lot but did not learn much about wilderness medicine.


Summer 2019 Participant
Super fun course! Great way to meet others in the medical field and experience France. I learned many things, but more of the information was pretty basic. I would have loved to learn about how to use resources you have outdoors in case of an emergency, as what we learned required equipment that isn't likely to be held on your everyday outdoor activity. Overall, it was an awesome experience that I would definitely do again.


LAUREN JOHNSON, Summer 2019 Participant
I loved every second of this study abroad. It's perfect for people who love the outdoors and people who are interested in getting more involved in the outdoors. They did a great job of tailoring the different activities and classes to people who are super experienced and to those who don't have as much medical or outdoors experience. All of the leaders and teachers were so awesome. It was a great way to make new connections with people, see a beautiful new place, and try new things.


JOSHUA JONAS, Summer 2019 Participant
I believe this course can benefit anyone who is willing to take it, regardless of trajectory in college. I personally am not pursuing a medically related degree, but this course impacted me in ways I never could have imagined. Seeing some of the most beautiful sights in the world and experiencing the French culture deepened my love for this world and my desire to explore it.


EMMA KOSBAB, Summer 2019 Participant
This program was amazing! You get the time to really become at home in Chamonix and the faculty and staff are so wonderful to work with.


JEFFERSON SCHMIDT, Summer 2019 Participant
The alps are a dream for anybody who loves the outdoors, I couldn't think of a better place to learn more about wilderness medicine. You will be instructed by highly experienced doctors who have used everything they are teaching in the field. Their insight and experience is priceless!


Summer 2019 Participant
This was a really fun way to learn about wilderness medicin as well as explore the alps.


Summer 2019 Participant
This was a fun but very physically demanding course. In terms of academics, the course was excellent. Every professor or lecturer did an excellent job of conveying the information in an easily understandable manner. I feel much better prepared for a range of wilderness activities thanks to this course. I would warn future students of three things. First, the class felt very large. Second, a number of activities are extremely demanding physically. Third, there was a lot of free time during the course and students will be on their own for a large portion of the time. If you are someone who is okay with the things I mentioned above then I would one hundred percent recommend this course.