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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for *Street Scenes: Imagining Cosmopolitan London.

Summer Budget Sheet for *Street Scenes: Imagining Cosmopolitan London
Budget Item Undergraduate Student
U of U Learning Abroad Initial Payment *   $500.00
Estimated U of U Learning Abroad Program Balance (2016) *   $3,051.50
Estimated U of U Tuition (2017): 6 CREDITS *   $270.00
U of U International Medical & Security Evacuation Insurance: CISI (2017): 2 MONTHS *   $78.50
Estimated Program Cost (Billable) subtotal:  $3,900.00
Estimated Round-Trip Airfare: DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR FLIGHT!   $1,200.00
Estimated In-Country Transportation (2017)   $15.00
Estimated U.S. Passport & Related Fees (2017)   $175.00
Estimated Books & Supplies (2017)   $50.00
Estimated Personal Expenses (2017)   $500.00
Estimated Emergency Funds (2017)   $200.00
Estimated Meals (2017)   $650.00
Estimated Immunizations & Medical Visit (2017)   $50.00
Estimated Additional Costs (Non-Billable) subtotal:  $2,840.00
Total: $6,740.00
The pricing above reflects the previous year’s program cost and is only an ESTIMATE until the final costs are posted. Although not anticipated, program costs may change due to fluctuation in currency exchange rates, tuition increases, contracted agencies, or number of participants. Billable Items, (noted with an *) will be paid directly to the University of Utah through both your Learning Abroad Application AND your University of Utah student tuition account:
    • The initial payment is due by the application deadline. You can make this payment by credit card as part of your Learning Abroad Application for this program.
    • Remaining billable items will be charged to your University of Utah student tuition account through Campus Information Systems (CIS) according to the regular University of Utah billing cycle. The charges may post separately and must be paid in full according to the billing invoice due date. 
    • You will be automatically registered for U of U International Medical & Security Evacuation Insurance: Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). Please refer to the amount listed above as an estimate; however, the final amount may vary depending on your final program dates.
    • The amount listed above is for the U of U Tuition maximum number of credit hours for your Learning Abroad program. The course(s) may have variable credit hour options. You will be billed for the maximum number of credit hours at the Learning Abroad undergraduate or graduate student credit hour rate unless otherwise noted on your registration instructions. 
    • The LEARNING ABROAD PROGRAM BALANCE includes in-country lodging (double occupancy), entrance to 10+ shows/exhibits/tours including travel, Oyster Card (transport) for entire duration of program (excludes airport transfers), farewell meal, and guest lecturers. 
Estimated additional costs are NOT billed to your University of Utah student tuition account and include costs such as, airfare, airport tax, some meals, books and supplies, passport, visa, immunizations, medical visit, personal expenses, emergency funds or the cost of any independent travel. Costs can be affected by individual budgetary habits and currency fluctuations. The burden lies on the student to budget accordingly and responsibly.
If you will be using financial aid and/or scholarships to help finance the program cost. Please meet with a counselor in the Financial Aid Office or University Scholarship Office. 

If you are the recipient of Financial Aid or an Office for Global Engagement Scholarship, it will be applied to your U of U student account according to the regular disbursement schedules.  Be prepared to make some payments before aid is released.

The Faculty/Staff Tuition Discount and the medical student tuition waiver for main campus courses cannot be applied to Learning Abroad Programs. 
All applications completed after the application deadline are considered on a case-by-case basis, and are subject to an additional, non-refundable $100 late fee due at the time of application. The non-refundable $100 late fee does not go towards the cost of the program.  Students who complete an application after the application deadline are also held to the Withdrawal Penalty Policy.
Learning Abroad Withdrawal Penalties and Procedures are based your application status, official withdrawal date, and program type. Please see our Withdrawals Penalty Policy for the specific financial penalties and dates associated with your program. Follow the Student Withdrawal Steps to withdrawal from your Learning Abroad Program.
If you have questions or concerns about any of the information included in the Budget Sheet,
contact Learning Abroad at or 801-581-5849.
* Billable item